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Chainstay Protectors

Our Chainstay protectors are sized to fit most tubes and wrap tight and clean around the tube. Held in place by our super strong adhesive. Offers the ultimate protection against chain slap, sticks and rocks.
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Chainstay Protector Fat Shield, Carbon Stealth 2" Chainstay Protector

Our Fat Chainstay Shields are perfectly sized to protect your Road or MTB chainstays offering protection from chain slap. Protect your expensive frame from chips and scratches to keep your frame looking new, mile after mile.

Our Price: $12.99
Frame Protection Kit, Clear Lite Shield Frame Kit

Downtube / Chainstay / Frame

The Lite Shield offers over 21" of clear protection optimized for your frame. Made from the same material used to protect motorcycles and snowmobiles, our
6pc modular kit includes two 8"x2" Lite Downtube Shields and four 2"x1 3/8" Lite Frame shields. With the modular kit you can optimize the protection for your particular frame.

Our Price: $13.99