We've raised the bar on Bike Frame Protection.

Bike Armor offers a full range of premium bike protection products for carbon, alloy, steel and titanium frames and components. Tough modular protection for where you need it.

BIKE ARMOR domed bicycle frame protectors feature a 1.25 mm polyurethane dome which absorbs impacts and rebounds to its original shape giving your bike frame maximum protection against the elements. Protect your frame from rocks, sticks, trail and road debris and even that rough tailgate carrier. With just the right amount of flexibility and super strong adhesive, our domed protectors fit to your frame and stay in place!

Our Lite Shield PVC material is light but unbelievably tough! Protection for your frame, fork, cranks and bars. Available in regular and PLUS!

Bike Armor, the toughest frame protection you can get for your Mountain, Gravel, Commuter or Road bike.  





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Featured Product - Flex Shield and Flex Shield PLUS 

The Flex Shield is designed to offer more flexibility at the bottom bracket area than our standard downtube protectors. The material is a 1.25 mm polyurethane dome which has been optimized by design and thickness to work better for tubes that curve in two directions,  such as round alloy downtubes and carbon tubes that curve towards the bottom bracket.  The PLUS version includes another 10"x2" Lite Shield protector which you apply to your frame first and then apply the domed protector over top. This adds an extra layer of protection and eliminates the chance that a rock might damage the frame between the cutouts.  See more about the Flex Shield and Flex Shield PLUS here.   



Our domed protectors are 1.25mm-1.5mm thick which makes them thicker than other frame protectors on the market! Most adhesive bike frame protectors and chainstay protectors are made of cheap flimsy vinyl or at the best 6mil-14 mil polyurethane material (note 1 mil = .0254mm so 14 mils = .36mm).


Bike Armor Domed Bike Frame Protectors - offer tough 1.25mm polyurethane for maximum Downtube Protection! Apply at the bottom of the downtube for protection against rocks, sticks and trail debris. Apply them at the top of the downtube just below your head tube junction to protect your frame and graphics against damage when transporting your bike in the back of a truck bed. We also offer small protectors for protection against brake lines and derailleur housing. We take MTB frame protection to the next level! Available in carbon, clear and printed graphics. Works great for Road and Gravel bike frames too! SEE MORE

Lite Shield and Lite Shield PLUS - Our light weight Lite Shield 12 mil PVC material is made from the same material used to protect motorcycles and snowmobiles. It's light weight but unbelievably tough!  Lite Shield products go on pretty much anywhere and adhere excellent. Clear with a semi-gloss finish lets your bikes graphics shine through! We also offer Lite Shield protector kits to fit cranks, handlebars and forks. Lite Shield PLUS adds an extra layer for graphics and at 19 mil thick a bit more protection. Both work great for road and gravel bike frames too! SEE MORE

Frame Protectors - We offer two types - our Mini Shields are .85 inch circles - stick them anywhere to protect against cable housing and brake line rub. Our NEW Frame Shields are 2" x 1 3/8" and offer more protection anywhere you need it. They also work great on fork lowers! Our domed frame protectors raise the housing above the paint and away from the frame for best protection. SEE MORE

Frame Tape - Paint Shield Heli Tape is a 9.4 mil high quality polyurethane frame protection tape designed to protect your frame where you don't need thicker protectors. Available in a clear gloss finish in a 2" wide and 5' long roll which is large enough to cover your down tube, top tube, chain-stay, cable rub points and crank arms. Also works great for fork lowers, shock bodies, and more. Our NEW Heli Tape PLUS is 30% thicker than our standard Heli Tape at 14 mil for extra protection against trail and road hazards!  SEE MORE

Chainstay Protection
Our domed protector kit offers 1.25 mm of tough polyurethane protection AND an 8x2 Lite Shield for extra adhesion. Sized to fit most chainstays and wrap tight and clean around the tube. Offers the ultimate protection against chain slap. We've also just added the NEW Lite Shield Chainstay kit which is specifically designed to wrap all the way around the chainstay for maximum protection! Our Lite Shield PLUS kits also work great to wrap the chainstay with 19 mils of tough PVC protection.  All held in place by our super strong adhesive. SEE MORE






Downtube Shield, Orange Star Lite Shield Frame Kit Double Down Downtube Shield Kit Monster Shield Downtube Kit
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Polyurethane Orange Stare Downtube Protector Frame Protection Kit, Clear Polyurethane Downtube Protector Kit 2pc MTB Downtube Protector Kit Stealth
Frame Shields, Carbon Flex Shield, Downtube Protector, Carbon Downtube Shield, Red Star Mini Shields, Carbon
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Frame Shields, Carbon Polyurethane Downtube Protector Polyurethane Downtube Protector Mini Shields, Carbon